Re: md/raid1: Improve another size determination in setup_conf()

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Fri Oct 07 2016 - 11:28:04 EST

>> Why do various software developers bother about coding style specifications
>> at all then?
> Coding style is important,

Thanks that you "dare" to express also such an opinion.

> but patches that just fix coding style are a bad thing

When you find such a change opportunity so "bad", are there any circumstances
left over where you would dare to touch the corresponding source code line.

> because they break things like `git blame`

I follow your concern to some degree.

But can this argument evolve against a lot of changes generally?

> and run the risk of introducing new bugs

Did this really "happen" because of an update suggestion for this software module?

> without any net benefit to end users.

Can the proposed adjustment help to make a function like "setup_conf"
a bit more robust (together with related update steps) so that an improved
coding style compliance will hopefully influence the error probability
in positive ways?

> This goes double for code you don't actually work on regularly
> or don't completely understand.

How does such a kind of general feedback fit to the shown change
possibilities in this patch series?

Do you reject this update step?