Re: Zram for FreeBSD

From: Cory Pruce
Date: Fri Oct 07 2016 - 18:05:18 EST

Cool, I am starting to get a good grasp on what is going on (Iâll probably need to use FreeBSDâs archive.h as opposed to Linuxâs crypto.h). I am trying to get a hold on what exactly I need to port to FreeBSD. I see that (as Nitin suggested) zsmalloc is the main brains of handling the objects and that it creates a fixed amount of sharded âpagesâ which a compressed (or uncompressed) actual page can span. I see also that that depends on zpool.

I will probably find all âdependenciesâ; however, if one of you could describe the components used/implemented for this, thatâd be awesome. Also, any linux specific setup/layout details come to mind?

Seriously, any details would be appreciated. It will save me time.


On 10/5/16, 9:43 PM, "Sergey Senozhatsky" <> wrote:


On (10/05/16 16:47), Cory Pruce wrote:
> Could one of you tell me why these compression algoâs were chosen,

zram supports more than that.

> if they were implemented as a need for zram, and

hm... not all of them (if any at all). lzo, *may be*, was motivated
by "compression/decompression perfromance VS compression ratio", which
is imporatant for zram.

> what the policy is on porting these to FreeBSD?

no idea.