Re: [PATCH] pmem: report error on clear poison failure

From: Dan Williams
Date: Thu Oct 13 2016 - 12:03:32 EST

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 8:54 AM, Toshi Kani <toshi.kani@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> ACPI Clear Uncorrectable Error DSM function may fail or may be
> unsupported on a platform. pmem_clear_poison() returns without
> clearing badblocks in such cases, which leads to a silent data
> corruption.
> Change pmem_do_bvec() and pmem_clear_poison() to return -EIO
> so that filesystem can log an error message.

What's the silent data corruption scenario? If the clear poison fails
I'm assuming that the poison will still be notified on the next read.