Re: [GIT PULL] kbuild post v4.9-rc1 fixes

From: Adam Borowski
Date: Sun Nov 20 2016 - 14:12:14 EST

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 09:50:51PM +0100, Michal Marek wrote:
> Hi Linus,
> Here are some regression fixes for kbuild:
> - modversion support for exported asm symbols (Nick Piggin). The
> affected architectures need separate patches adding asm-prototypes.h.

As the pull request's comment says, we do need the per-arch asm-prototypes.h
patches. I've just checked on x86: still broken with current mainline,
works with my patch from 20161102121427.10103-1-kilobyte@xxxxxxxxxx;
I suspect the arm counterpart (patch by Arnd Bergmann) is also needed
(you just commented on that thread).

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