[PATCH 0/6] apalis-tk1: updates for v1.1 hw

From: Marcel Ziswiler
Date: Mon Nov 21 2016 - 19:15:32 EST

This series updates the device tree for the upcoming V1.1 HW samples.
All changes are purely opportunistic meaning they fix stuff which on
older HW was anyway broken so there should be no backwards
compatibility issues.

Marcel Ziswiler (6):
apalis-tk1: remove spurious new lines
apalis-tk1: temp alert pull-up
apalis-tk1: optional displayport hot-plug detect
apalis-tk1: adjust pin muxing for v1.1 hw
apalis-tk1: working sd card detect on v1.1 hw
apalis-tk1: update compatibility comment

arch/arm/boot/dts/tegra124-apalis-eval.dts | 11 +----
arch/arm/boot/dts/tegra124-apalis.dtsi | 73 +++++++++++-------------------
2 files changed, 29 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)