Re: [HMM v13 05/18] mm/ZONE_DEVICE/devmem_pages_remove: allow early removal of device memory

From: Anshuman Khandual
Date: Mon Nov 21 2016 - 23:55:07 EST

On 11/21/2016 06:09 PM, Jerome Glisse wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 04:07:46PM +0530, Anshuman Khandual wrote:
>> On 11/18/2016 11:48 PM, Jérôme Glisse wrote:
>>> HMM wants to remove device memory early before device tear down so add an
>>> helper to do that.
>> Could you please explain why HMM wants to remove device memory before
>> device tear down ?
> Some device driver want to manage memory for several physical devices from a
> single fake device driver. Because it fits their driver architecture better
> and those physical devices can have dedicated link between them.
> Issue is that the fake device driver can outlive any of the real device for a
> long time so we want to be able to remove device memory before the fake device
> goes away to free up resources early.

Got it.