[PATCH v3 0/2] power: supply: add sbs-charger driver

From: Nicolas Saenz Julienne
Date: Thu Nov 24 2016 - 07:34:44 EST


This series adds support for all SBS compatible battery chargers, as defined
here: http://sbs-forum.org/specs/sbc110.pdf.

The first patch changes the sbs-battery device name in order to be able to
create a proper supplier/supplied relation between the two of them.

The second introduces the driver.


changes since v2:
- updated driver and dt-binding with Sebatian's comments

changes since v1:
- added dt bindings
- updated driver with Sebastian's comments
- s/Nicola/Nicolas/ in commits

Nicolas Saenz Julienne (2):
power: supply: add sbs-charger driver
dt-bindings: power: add bindings for sbs-charger

.../bindings/power/supply/sbs_sbs-charger.txt | 24 ++
drivers/power/supply/Kconfig | 6 +
drivers/power/supply/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/power/supply/sbs-charger.c | 275 +++++++++++++++++++++
4 files changed, 306 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/supply/sbs_sbs-charger.txt
create mode 100644 drivers/power/supply/sbs-charger.c