[PATCH v2 0/5] kexec/fadump: remove dependency with CONFIG_KEXEC and reuse crashkernel parameter for fadump

From: Hari Bathini
Date: Fri Nov 25 2016 - 06:54:07 EST

Traditionally, kdump is used to save vmcore in case of a crash. Some
architectures like powerpc can save vmcore using architecture specific
support instead of kexec/kdump mechanism. Such architecture specific
support also needs to reserve memory, to be used by dump capture kernel.
crashkernel parameter can be a reused, for memory reservation, by such
architecture specific infrastructure.

This patchset removes dependency with CONFIG_KEXEC for crashkernel parameter
and vmcoreinfo related code as it can be reused without kexec support. Also,
crashkernel parameter is reused instead of fadump_reserve_mem to reserve
memory for fadump.

The first patch moves crashkernel parameter parsing and vmcoreinfo related
code under CONFIG_CRASH_CORE instead of CONFIG_KEXEC_CORE. The second patch
reuses the definitions of append_elf_note() & final_note() functions under
CONFIG_CRASH_CORE in IA64 arch code. The third patch removes dependency on
CONFIG_KEXEC for firmware-assisted dump (fadump) in powerpc. The next patch
reuses crashkernel parameter for reserving memory for fadump, instead of the
fadump_reserve_mem parameter. This has the advantage of using all syntaxes
crashkernel parameter supports, for fadump as well. The last patch updates
fadump kernel documentation about use of crashkernel parameter.

Changes from v1:
* Moved arch specify code to seperate patches. Introduced one patch for IA64 arch
and another patch for powerpc in the process.


Hari Bathini (5):
crash: move crashkernel parsing and vmcore related code under CONFIG_CRASH_CORE
ia64: reuse append_elf_note() and final_note() functions
powerpc/fadump: remove dependency with CONFIG_KEXEC
powerpc/fadump: reuse crashkernel parameter for fadump memory reservation
powerpc/fadump: update documentation about crashkernel parameter reuse

Documentation/powerpc/firmware-assisted-dump.txt | 23 +
arch/Kconfig | 4
arch/ia64/kernel/crash.c | 22 -
arch/powerpc/Kconfig | 10
arch/powerpc/include/asm/fadump.h | 2
arch/powerpc/kernel/crash.c | 2
arch/powerpc/kernel/fadump.c | 57 +--
arch/powerpc/kernel/setup-common.c | 5
include/linux/crash_core.h | 75 ++++
include/linux/kexec.h | 63 ---
kernel/Makefile | 1
kernel/crash_core.c | 450 ++++++++++++++++++++++
kernel/kexec_core.c | 435 ---------------------
13 files changed, 575 insertions(+), 574 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 include/linux/crash_core.h
create mode 100644 kernel/crash_core.c