Re: [PATCH v2] crypto: sun4i-ss: support the Security System PRNG

From: PrasannaKumar Muralidharan
Date: Thu Dec 08 2016 - 06:01:34 EST

>> The hwrng interface was always meant to be an interface for real
>> hardware random number generators. People rely on that so we
>> should not provide bogus entropy sources through this interface.
> Why not adding a KCONFIG HW_RANDOM_ACCEPT_ALSO_PRNG with big warning ?
> Or a HW_PRNG Kconfig which do the same than hwrandom with /dev/prng ?
> With that it will be much easier to convert in-tree PRNG that you want to remove.

I do have driver for a PRNG that I was planning to post in sometime.
Upon seeing this thread I think the code has to be changed.

I completely agree with Corentin, adding /dev/prng or /dev/hw_prng
will make it easier to move existing code. It can be made explicit
that using new device will provide only pseudo random number.