Re: [PATCH v3 1/9] staging: fsl-mc: move bus driver out of staging

From: Greg KH
Date: Thu Dec 08 2016 - 11:05:27 EST

On Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 08:19:20PM +0000, Stuart Yoder wrote:
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> > Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 1/9] staging: fsl-mc: move bus driver out of staging
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> > On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 04:41:26PM -0600, Stuart Yoder wrote:
> > > Move the source files out of staging into their final locations:
> > > -include files in drivers/staging/fsl-mc/include go to include/linux/fsl
> > > -irq-gic-v3-its-fsl-mc-msi.c goes to drivers/irqchip
> > > -source in drivers/staging/fsl-mc/bus goes to drivers/bus/fsl-mc
> > > -README.txt, providing and overview of DPAA goes to
> > > Documentation/dpaa2/overview.txt
> > > -update MAINTAINERS with new location
> > >
> > > Delete other remaining staging files-- Makefile, Kconfig, TODO
> >
> > Ok, given that I haven't ever reviewed this code, I had a few questions
> > that I couldn't easily figure out by looking at your code:
> > - what is the lifecycle of your 'struct device' usage? Who
> > creates it, who frees it, and who accesses it?
> We embed a 'struct device' inside our bus specific device struct
> 'struct fsl_mc_device'. So, when a new fsl-mc object is discovered
> on the bus during initial enumeration or hotplug we create a new
> 'struct fsl_mc_device' and do a device_initialize()/device_add().
> (see fsl_mc_device_add() for where this is done)
> 'struct device' is freed when a device is removed-- the reverse
> of the above.

Where is the device freed? I see you trying to do some "odd" stuff in
fsl_mc_device_remove() by deleting and then putting a device structure.
I can't find a "release()" callback anywhere for your bus, where is it?

What happens when the reference count falls to 0 for your struct device?

> > - root_dprc_count, why are you using an atomic variable for
> > this? What is it for other than "look, I'm running!"?
> There can be multiple root buses, and this variable simply tracks the count
> of them.

Why does it matter?

> It's is atomic there might be a theoretical race condition where 2
> buses might be added at the same time. The root buses are found in
> the device tree and so if there is no chance that device tree
> processing happens in parallel on multiple cores then we could remove
> the atomic.

Why not just use a lock, or better yet, not care about a "count" at all?
I don't see you doing anything with the count, other than emitting a
WARN() if it drops down below 0 for some reason, or when you call
fsl_mc_bus_exists() which for some reason is exported yet no one uses


greg k-h