Re: [PATCH 1/1] Fixed to codestyle

From: Ozgur Karatas
Date: Mon Dec 12 2016 - 15:49:48 EST

12.12.2016, 22:41, "Eric Sandeen" <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Well, rule #1 for newbies is "code style patches aren't
> very useful, and usually are not welcomed by the project."
> Making style changes just because checkpatch told you to is
> not particularly helpful. If it were important, it would have
> been done by now. If it hasn't been done by now, odds are
> it's not important. :)
> If you are writing /new/ code, then sure, conform to the kernel
> style, /aided/ by, and using your discretion as
> well.
> If you are just now looking at xfs/* code, best not to start
> with "style" cleanups. You'll find this to be true in general
> across the kernel, maintainers are usually not thrilled to have
> this kind of patch.

Dear Eric;
this information was very good and thank you, I will try for the better :)

> If you want to start with a new project, learn about the code,
> learn what it /does/, learn how to use it. use it. Find things
> that don't work as expected, or could work better. Look into
> bug reports and if you understand them, and the code involved,
> try to write and test a fix. But don't go looking for whitespace
> nitpicks.

I get it now, I understand but I think the error was only uuid functions.
Now, me more careful.

>> ÂSorry,

> No need to be sorry, this is how we learn. ;) But really, making
> purely cosmetic changes for their own sake is not helpful in
> general.
> -Eric

I have mentioned above, thank you for all the information.
You are helping me and your mentoring in some way.


Ozgur Karatas