Re: Clarification for acceptance statistics?

From: Daniele Nicolodi
Date: Mon Dec 12 2016 - 16:02:33 EST

On 12/12/16 11:03 AM, SF Markus Elfring wrote:
>> Have you proposed a similar patch that was accepted?
> Yes. - It happened a few times.

The question was: have you ever had a patch changing code in the form

a = kmalloc(...);
b = kmalloc(...);

if (!a || !b)
goto out;



to something else, accepted?

I went checking and I haven't found such a patch.

Did you understand my question?

> It is really needed to clarify the corresponding software development
> history any further?

It is relevant because you are submitting a patch and your changelog
implies that it makes the code follow some code structure rule that
needs to be applied to the kernel. As the above is a recurring pattern
in kernel code, it is legitimate to ask if such a rule exist, and has
been enforced before, or you are making it up.

My conclusion is that you are making it up.

As a proposer of a new pattern, what is the evidence you can bring to
the discussion that supports that your solution is better? What is the
metric you are using to define "better"?