Re: [PATCH] ACPI/NUMA: Do not map pxm to node when NUMA is turned off

From: kbuild test robot
Date: Mon Dec 12 2016 - 19:11:55 EST

Hi Boris,

[auto build test WARNING on pm/linux-next]
[also build test WARNING on v4.9 next-20161212]
[if your patch is applied to the wrong git tree, please drop us a note to help improve the system]

base: linux-next
config: x86_64-allyesdebian (attached as .config)
compiler: gcc-6 (Debian 6.2.0-3) 6.2.0 20160901
# save the attached .config to linux build tree
make ARCH=x86_64

All warnings (new ones prefixed by >>):

>> WARNING: vmlinux.o(.text+0x8acd33): Section mismatch in reference from the function acpi_map_pxm_to_node() to the variable
The function acpi_map_pxm_to_node() references
the variable __initdata numa_off.
This is often because acpi_map_pxm_to_node lacks a __initdata
annotation or the annotation of numa_off is wrong.

0-DAY kernel test infrastructure Open Source Technology Center Intel Corporation

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