Re: [PATCHSET/RFC v2] blk-mq scheduling framework

From: Jens Axboe
Date: Tue Dec 13 2016 - 10:17:50 EST

On Tue, Dec 13 2016, Paolo Valente wrote:
> > Il giorno 08 dic 2016, alle ore 21:13, Jens Axboe <axboe@xxxxxx> ha scritto:
> >
> > As a followup to this posting from yesterday:
> >
> >
> >
> > this is version 2. I wanted to post a new one fairly quickly, as there
> > ended up being a number of potential crashes in v1. This one should be
> > solid, I've run mq-deadline on both NVMe and regular rotating storage,
> > and we handle the various merging cases correctly.
> >
> > You can download it from git as well:
> >
> > git:// blk-mq-sched.2
> >
> > Note that this is based on for-4.10/block, which is in turn based on
> > v4.9-rc1. I suggest pulling it into my for-next branch, which would
> > then merge nicely with 'master' as well.
> >
> Hi Jens,
> this is just to tell you that I have finished running some extensive
> tests on this patch series (throughput, responsiveness, low latency
> for soft real time). No regression w.r.t. blk detected, and no
> crashes or other anomalies.
> Starting to work on BFQ port. Please be patient with my little
> expertise on mq environment, and with my next silly questions!

No worries, ask away if you have questions. As you might have seen, it's
still a little bit of a moving target, but it's getting closer every
day. I'll post a v3 later today hopefully that will be a good fix point
for you. I'll need to add the io context setup etc, that's not there
yet, as only cfq/bfq uses that.

Jens Axboe