[PATCH 0/6] wl1251: Fix MAC address for Nokia N900

From: Pali RohÃr
Date: Sat Dec 24 2016 - 11:58:41 EST

This patch series fix processing MAC address for wl1251 chip found in Nokia N900.

Pali RohÃr (6):
firmware: Add request_firmware_prefer_user() function
wl1251: Use request_firmware_prefer_user() for loading NVS
calibration data
wl1251: Update wl->nvs_len after wl->nvs is valid
wl1251: Generate random MAC address only if driver does not have
wl1251: Parse and use MAC address from supplied NVS data
wl1251: Set generated MAC address back to NVS data

drivers/base/firmware_class.c | 45 +++++++++++++++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/Kconfig | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/main.c | 91 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
include/linux/firmware.h | 9 ++++
4 files changed, 125 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)