Re: [patch 02/10] cpu/hotplug: Prevent overwriting of callbacks

From: ojab
Date: Mon Dec 26 2016 - 18:12:52 EST

On 2016/12/26 23:04, ojab wrote:
Oh hai!

I have kernel panic on boot here after this patch, 4.10-rc1 with this
commit (dc280d93623927570da279e99393879dbbab39e7) reverted boots fine.

Potato-quality photo of incomplete traceback of 4.10-rc1 panic can be
found at (unfortunately I can't
figure out how to increase resolution to catch a full trace and I don't
have a serial terminal).

CPU here is 'AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 905e Processor' (4 core, 4 threads).

//wbr ojab

…and looks like it's fixed by patches in `[patch 0/2] smp/hotplug: Fix last minute wreckage` thread

//wbr ojab