Re: [RFC PATCH 1/7] PF driver modified to enable HW filter support, changes works in backward compatibility mode Enable required things in Makefile Enable LZ4 dependecy inside config file

From: Sunil Kovvuri
Date: Mon Dec 26 2016 - 23:20:12 EST

>> #define NIC_MAX_RSS_HASH_BITS 8
>> +#define NIC_TNS_RSS_IDR_TBL_SIZE 5
> So you want to use only 5 queues per VF when TNS is enabled, is it ??
> There are 4096 RSS indices in total, for each VF you can use max 32.
> I guess you wanted to set no of hash bits to 5 instead of table size.
> SATHA>>> We enabled 8 queues for VF. Yes Macro name misleads it has to be hash bits, will change this in next version

No, I am not referring to any discrepancy in naming the macro.
If you check your code

- hw->rss_ind_tbl_size = NIC_MAX_RSS_IDR_TBL_SIZE;
+ hw->rss_ind_tbl_size = veb_enabled ? NIC_TNS_RSS_IDR_TBL_SIZE :

You are setting RSS table size to 5, i.e RSS hash bits will be set to 2.
Hence only 4 queues (not even 5 as i mentioned earlier). Please check
'nicvf_rss_init' you will understand what i am saying.
Have you tested and observed pkts in all 8 queues ?