RE: Question regarding power button of Dell XPS13

From: Zheng, Lv
Date: Wed Dec 28 2016 - 02:08:41 EST

Hi, Paul

> From: Paul Menzel [mailto:pmenzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Subject: Question regarding power button of Dell XPS13
> Dear Linus, dear Len,
> I heard that you both have a Dell XPS13. I got the ârevisionâ 9360, and
> installed Debian Stretch/testing on it with Linux 4.8.15 and Linux 4.9-rc8.
> When pressing the power button the GNOME dialog, asking what to do
> (restart, power off, â) doesnât appear.
> Neither `xev` nor `acpi_listen` show something, so I submitted ticket
> #190871 [1], and Lv already looked at it.
> Just to make sure, that it is really a Linux problem, does the power
> button work for you?

I'm not sure if there is no bug in drivers/acpi/button.c.
At least this driver never handles 0x02 sleep/power button notifications.
Just because there is no SCI routed to the drivers after a wakeup.

And we have quirks related to the freeze mode for 0x80 sleep/power button notifications.

I don't know if the above potential issues can cause real problems.

> Kind regards,
> Paul
> [1]

We are debugging it there.


> [2]