[PATCH 0/8] mmc: sdhci-msm: Provide support for enhanced strobe

From: Ritesh Harjani
Date: Wed Dec 28 2016 - 06:07:11 EST


This patch series mainly provides enhanced strobe support to sdhci-msm driver
along with some additions of HW recommended sequence. This has been tested on
8996 based internal target & on db410c.

Patches 1-3 :- Factors out few functions to be re-used again.
To also simplify large functions and makes it more readable.

Patches 4-5 :- Few recommendations based on HW prog. guide.

Patches 6 :- Clear SDHCI_HS400_TUNING flag after platform_execute_tuning
so that ->platform_execute_tuning (underlying platform driver) can
know about HS400 tuning.

Patch 7 :- Implements an additional step as per HPG for HS400 tuning.

Patch 8 :- Implements enhanced strobe functionality in sdhci-msm driver.

Ritesh Harjani (6):
mmc: sdhci-msm: Factor out sdhci_msm_hc_select_mode
mmc: sdhci-msm: Factor out function to set/get msm clock rate
mmc: sdhci-msm: Factor out sdhci_msm_hs400
mmc: sdhci: Clear SDHCI_HS400_TUNING flag after
mmc: sdhci-msm: Make HS400 tuning follow as per recommeneded HW
mmc: sdhci-msm: Provide enhanced_strobe mode feature support

Subhash Jadavani (1):
mmc: sdhci-msm: configure CORE_CSR_CDC_DELAY_CFG to recommended value

Venkat Gopalakrishnan (1):
mmc: sdhci-msm: Reset vendor specific func register on probe

drivers/mmc/host/sdhci-msm.c | 356 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
drivers/mmc/host/sdhci.c | 6 +-
2 files changed, 224 insertions(+), 138 deletions(-)

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