Re: [PATCH v6] soc: qcom: Add SoC info driver

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Wed Dec 28 2016 - 17:35:16 EST

On 12/23, Imran Khan wrote:
> On 12/22/2016 6:01 AM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> >
> > Raw numbers sounds fine, but how do we know what ODM it is to
> > understand how to parse the numbers appropriately? Perhaps the
> > smem DT entry needs to have a property indicating the ODM that
> > has configured these numbers, and then we can have an ODM sysfs
> > node that we use to expose that string property to userspace?
> >
> Okay smem DT entry can be used to provide ODM information but even after
> having this feature, I am not sure if we can provide a code in the driver
> that will act for all ODMs because we don't know how other ODMs will interpret
> platform types and subtypes numbers.
> Or do you mean here that we should keep string values corresponding to different
> platform type and subtype numbers in the smem DT entry itself. We will use
> socinfo from smem to get the raw number and then translate that raw number to
> a string, using the mapping given in DT itself.

I mean in DT

smem {
compatible = "qcom,smem";
qcom,odm = "odm_name";

And then in the driver code we look for the qcom,odm property and
make a sysfs attribute called odm or something that exposes the
string "odm_name" to userspace. Then we have some userspace
database of odm string and platform type/subtype numbers that we
can use to figure out what those numbers mean.

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