Re: [PATCH] ib umem: bugfix: mixed put_pid()s in ib_umem_get()

From: Leon Romanovsky
Date: Thu Dec 29 2016 - 00:29:54 EST

On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 10:24:43AM +0800, Kenneth Lee wrote:
> There are two bugfixes in this patch:
> 1. When the execution go to the ib_umem_odp_get() path, pid should be put
> back.
> 2. When the memory allocation fail, the pid also should be put back before
> exit.
> Signed-off-by: Kenneth Lee <liguozhu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for resubmitting it. This fix is important and no doubts that
it will be accepted, however you need to improve the patch a little bit

CAn you please resubmit it according to Documentation/SubmittingPatches
and reviewers feedback?

Haggai's Reviewed-by tag, Fixes, changelog, version in title and
proper title (see it in git log for this subsystems).


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