Re: PROBLEM: Kernel BUG with raid5 soft + Xen + DRBD - invalid opcode

From: Jes Sorensen
Date: Fri Dec 30 2016 - 15:54:09 EST

MasterPrenium <masterprenium.lkml@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Hello Guys,
> I've having some trouble on a new system I'm setting up. I'm getting a
> kernel BUG message, seems to be related with the use of Xen (when I
> boot the system _without_ Xen, I don't get any crash).
> Here is configuration :
> - 3x Hard Drives running on RAID 5 Software raid created by mdadm
> - On top of it, DRBD for replication over another node (Active/passive cluster)
> - On top of it, a BTRFS FileSystem with a few subvolumes
> - On top of it, XEN VMs running.
> The BUG is happening when I'm making "huge" I/O (20MB/s with a rsync
> for example) on the RAID5 stack.
> I've to reset system to make it work again.
> Reproducible : ALWAYS (making the i/o, it crash in 2-5mins). Also
> reproducible on another system with the same hardware.
> Kernel versions impacted (at least): kernel-4.4.26, kernel-4.8.15, kernel-4.9.0

Well you have one foreign object in there that is not part of the
kernel and which shows up in the OOPS: DRDB

What happens when you remove that from the equation?