Re: [PATCH] reset: fix shared reset triggered_count decrement on error

From: Philipp Zabel
Date: Thu Feb 16 2017 - 04:52:32 EST

On Wed, 2017-02-15 at 19:15 +0100, Jerome Brunet wrote:
> For a shared reset, when the reset is successful, the triggered_count is
> incremented when trying to call the reset callback, so that another device
> sharing the same reset line won't trigger it again. If the reset has not
> been triggered successfully, the trigger_count should be decremented.
> The code does the opposite, and decrements the trigger_count on success.
> As a consequence, another device sharing the reset will be able to trigger
> it again.
> Fixed be removing negation in from of the error code of the reset function.
> Fixes: 7da33a37b48f ("reset: allow using reset_control_reset with shared reset")
> Signed-off-by: Jerome Brunet <jbrunet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Hi Philipp,
> I found this issue while testing your patch [0]
> It fixes a regression we have been having with usb. On meson-gxbb
> platforms, usb0 and usb1 share the same reset line. Martin had
> reports that usb0 recently got broken. In fact usb1 was able to
> trigger the reset again because the issue mentioned above.

Thanks, applied with Martin's Acked-by. I'll send a pull request for
this later today.