Re: [PATCH v4 20/36] media: imx: Add CSI subdev driver

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Thu Feb 16 2017 - 08:10:30 EST

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 12:40:27PM +0000, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> However, the following is primerily directed at Laurent as the one who
> introduced the BUG_ON() in question...
> It's possible to find Linus rants about this, eg,
> I should have reacted to the damn added BUG_ON() lines. I suspect I
> will have to finally just remove the idiotic BUG_ON() concept once and
> for all, because there is NO F*CKING EXCUSE to knowingly kill the
> kernel.
> Also:
> Rule of thumb: BUG() is only good for something that never happens and
> that we really have no other option for (ie state is so corrupt that
> continuing is deadly).
> So, _unless_ people want to see BUG_ON() removed from the kernel, I
> strongly suggest to _STOP_ using it as "we didn't like the function
> arguments, let's use it as an assert() statement instead of returning
> an error."
> There's no excuse what so ever to be killing the machine in
> media_create_pad_link(). If it doesn't like a NULL pointer, it's damn
> well got an error path to report that fact. Use that mechanism and
> stop needlessly killing the kernel.
> Linus is absolutely right about BUG_ON() - it hurts debuggability,
> because now the only way to do further tests is to reboot the damned
> machine after removing those fscking BUG_ON()s that should *never*
> have been there in the first place.
> As Linus went on to say:
> And dammit, if anybody else feels that they had done "debugging
> messages with BUG_ON()", I would suggest you
> (a) rethink your approach to programming
> (b) send me patches to remove the crap entirely, or make them real
> *DEBUGGING* messages, not "kill the whole machine" messages.
> I've ranted against people using BUG_ON() for debugging in the past.
> Why the f*ck does this still happen? And Andrew - please stop taking
> those kinds of patches! Lookie here:
> so excuse me for being upset that people still do this shit almost 15
> years later.
> So I suggest people heed that advice and start fixing these stupid
> BUG_ON()s that they've created.

More crap.

If the "complete" method fails (or, in fact, anything in
v4l2_async_test_notify() fails) then all hell breaks loose, because
of the total lack of clean up (and no, this isn't anything to do with
some stupid justification of those BUG_ON()s above.)

v4l2_async_notifier_register() gets called, it adds the notifier to
the global notifier list. v4l2_async_test_notify() gets called. It
returns an error, which is propagated out of

So the caller thinks that v4l2_async_notifier_register() failed, which
will cause imx_media_probe() to fail, causing imxmd->subdev_notifier
to be kfree()'d. We now have a use-after free bug.

Second case. v4l2_async_register_subdev(). Almost exactly the same,
except in this case adding sd->async_list to the notifier->done list
may have succeeded, and failure after that, again, results in an
in-use list_head being kfree()'d.

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