[PATCH 0/5] x86/intel_rdt: Improvements/Fixes to RDT framework

From: Vikas Shivappa
Date: Fri Feb 17 2017 - 14:41:20 EST

Add some improvements to the existing RDT(Resource director technology)
framework and fix some hotcpu RDT code. Sending them as a seperate
series as per Thomas suggestion during the V1 of MBA review (Memory
bandwidth allocation) -

Patches are based on 4.10-rc8

[PATCH 1/5] x86/intel_rdt: Update control registers only when user
[PATCH 2/5] x86/intel_rdt: Improvements to parsing schemata
[PATCH 3/5] x86/intel_rdt: Fail early on a resource with incorrect
[PATCH 4/5] x86/intel_rdt: Reset the cbm MSR during rmdir
[PATCH 5/5] x86/intel_rdt: hotcpu updates for RDT