next_tick hang was Re: v4.10-rc8 (-rc6) boot regression on Intel desktop, does not boot after cold boots, boots after reboot

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sat Feb 18 2017 - 04:39:31 EST


[I droped some CCs here, you may want to check the CC list].

> > These are different bugs.
> >
> > On x60, I see failures doing hotplug/unplug in a loop, or lot of
> > suspends. Someone seen it in v4.8-stable etc. Old bug. Rare to hit.
> >
> > Desktop machine was failing to boot, and had some fun with
> > suspend/resume too. Boot hang was reproducible with right
> > procedure. (Hard poweroff, cold boot.). That one was introduced in
> > 4.10-rc cycle.
> Pavel, is there any chance you could apply this patch on top of latest linus tree
> and send me your resulting dmesg log? This has the two reverted patches plus some
> debugging code. The amount of printk shouldn't be too big, I tested it home without
> issue.
> If you can't manage to dump the dmesg, please try to take a picture of your screen
> so that I can see the last messages starting with "NEXT_TICK_READ".
> Thanks!

I guess I can. But I'll only have one 80x25 screen to look at...

.config is attached.

(cesky, pictures)

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