Moved Low-Jitter Doom 3 video and other silly videos.

From: Ove Kent Karlsen
Date: Mon Feb 20 2017 - 07:24:18 EST

For the interested, I moved the video I did of my low-jitter inspired configurations, of Doom 3, which was a very jitter sensitive game.

A quick summary: By removing and reducing unecessary code, and codepaths, such as reducing the HZ to 90, choosing low-jitter components in configuration, and renicing X, to remove its bottleneck aspect, I was able to run the 3-pass layer engine of Doom 3, at 72.7x3 FPS, without any hickup (supposedly thought to be disk reads etc.)

The video is now here:

Now also with an upscale filter for pseudo 4K.

Also on here is an Unreal video, with an undocumented antialiasing mode, with maximal pixelinformation for 4K:

Also a fun filter for taking 160x200 to a whole 4K :o)

Best Regards,
Ove Kent Karlsen