Re: [PATCH v6 7/8] uapi: export all headers under uapi directories

From: Nicolas Dichtel
Date: Mon Feb 20 2017 - 07:58:32 EST

Le 20/02/2017 Ã 11:14, Arnd Bergmann a Ãcrit :
> On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 10:32 AM, Nicolas Dichtel
> <nicolas.dichtel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Le 13/02/2017 Ã 08:49, Christoph Hellwig a Ãcrit :
>>>> linux/genwqe/..install.cmd
>>>> linux/genwqe/.install
>>> Third time: NAK on exporting internal kbuild metadata.
>> And for the third time: this is not related to this series. Those files are
>> there before my series and the goal of the series has nothing to do with that.
>> Feel free to send a patch.
> Your description literally says "After this patch, the following files, which
> were not exported, are now exported (with make headers_install_all)"
> for the files that Christoph quoted. It that is not true, then you need to
> update the patch description to say what your patch actually does.
That is true. But as I explained when the comment was done the first time (and I
never got any answer), these files are generated in every exported directory.
Because the genwqe directory is now exported, the corresponding '..install.cmd'
and '.install' are generated.
for more details.

In other words, these files are there because some new directories are exported.
If those directories were added to the 'header-y' variable, the result would be
the same.