Re: [PATCH 2/4] Documentation: devicetree: arm: Document Marvell IAP140

From: Thomas Petazzoni
Date: Mon Feb 20 2017 - 08:59:02 EST


On Mon, 20 Feb 2017 14:16:13 +0100, Andreas FÃrber wrote:

> I'm confused now. According to Marvell IR [0] they are NASDAQ-listed as
> MRVL. My understanding is that in that case the official vendor prefix
> becomes mrvl. Why not here?

Not sure why, but as of today, we have a mix of "mrvl" and "marvell" in
the tree, and "marvell" is the one official listed in

> Any comments on the iap140 vs. pxa1908 naming? The Communication
> Processors section has disappeared from, so I couldn't
> verify whether IAP140 was renamed from PXA1908 or whether both coexist
> and we should add a second compatible string here?

I don't have an opinion on this because I'm not familiar with this
family of Marvell SoCs. However, the only thing I would recommend is
that you send a patch to update Documentation/arm/Marvell/README to
document this PXA1908/IAP140 thing. This is particularly important
since this document mentions PXA1908 already.


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