Pavel's async i/o CIFS/SMB3 patches

From: Steve French
Date: Mon Feb 20 2017 - 17:12:09 EST

The two async i/o improvement patches that Pavel posted a week ago:

CIFS: Add asynchronous write support through kernel AIO
CIFS: Add asynchronous read support through kernel AIO


are intriguing. The performance improvements are fantastic for SMB3
large read/write, and not just to Samba server (look great to Windows,
and should also be great to Mac). Any review feedback would be
appreciated because async i/o can be complex, yet the value in getting
near maximal i/o performance end to end (over a network fs) is huge
(even to normal users).

I would like to merge these as soon as possible, but want more time
for testing and review feedback - so any feedback on Pavel's patches
would be appreciated.