Re: [PATCH 4/5] KVM: add __kvm_request_needs_mb

From: Radim KrÄmÃÅ
Date: Thu Feb 23 2017 - 11:01:15 EST

2017-02-23 12:01+0100, Paolo Bonzini:
> On 16/02/2017 17:04, Radim KrÄmÃÅ wrote:
>> A macro to optimize requests that do not need a memory barrier because
>> they have no dependencies. An architecture can implement a function
>> that says which requests do not need memory barriers when handling them.
>> Signed-off-by: Radim KrÄmÃÅ <rkrcmar@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I would leave this for a separate series, otherwise looks nice (though I
> was skeptical at first ;)).

Ok, I'll first post just the renaming and base other ideas from related
thread on it.