[GIT PULL] Power management updates for v4.11-rc2

From: Rafael J. Wysocki
Date: Thu Mar 09 2017 - 17:58:51 EST

Hi Linus,

Please pull from the tag

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rafael/linux-pm.git \

with top-most commit 32d3b06a39783fbe849176774037b44f209979ea

Merge branch 'pm-cpufreq-sched'

on top of commit c1ae3cfa0e89fa1a7ecc4c99031f5e9ae99d9201

Linux 4.11-rc1

to receive power management updates for v4.11-rc2.

These fix several issues in the intel_pstate driver and one issue in
the schedutil cpufreq governor, clean up that governor a bit and hook
up existing code for disabling cpufreq to a new kernel command line


- Three fixes for intel_pstate problems related to the passive
mode (in which it acts as a regular cpufreq scaling driver), two
for the handling of global P-state limits and one for the handling
of the cpu_frequency tracepoint in that mode (Rafael Wysocki).

- Three fixes for the handling of P-state limits in intel_pstate in
the active mode (Rafael Wysocki).

- Introduction of a new cpufreq.off=1 kernel command line argument
that will disable cpufreq entirely if passed to the kernel and
is simply hooked up to the existing code used by Xen (Len Brown).

- Fix for the schedutil cpufreq governor to prevent it from using
stale raw frequency values in configurations with mutiple CPUs
sharing one policy object and a cleanup for it reducing its
overhead slightly (Viresh Kumar).



Len Brown (1):
cpufreq: Add the "cpufreq.off=1" cmdline option

Rafael J. Wysocki (6):
cpufreq: intel_pstate: Do not use performance_limits in passive mode
cpufreq: intel_pstate: Fix intel_cpufreq_verify_policy()
cpufreq: intel_pstate: Avoid triggering cpu_frequency tracepoint
cpufreq: intel_pstate: Fix global settings in active mode
cpufreq: intel_pstate: Fix intel_pstate_verify_policy()
cpufreq: intel_pstate: Do not reinit performance limits in ->setpolicy

Viresh Kumar (2):
cpufreq: schedutil: move cached_raw_freq to struct sugov_policy
cpufreq: schedutil: Pass sg_policy to get_next_freq()


Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt | 3 ++
drivers/cpufreq/cpufreq.c | 1 +
drivers/cpufreq/intel_pstate.c | 67 ++++++++++++-------------
kernel/sched/cpufreq_schedutil.c | 19 ++++---
4 files changed, 44 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)