Re: [kbuild-all] [PATCH 6/6] sysctl: Add global tunable mt_page_copy

From: Ye Xiaolong
Date: Thu Mar 09 2017 - 20:14:10 EST

On 03/08, Anshuman Khandual wrote:
>On 02/17/2017 09:00 PM, kbuild test robot wrote:
>> Hi Zi,
>> [auto build test ERROR on linus/master]
>> [also build test ERROR on v4.10-rc8 next-20170217]
>> [if your patch is applied to the wrong git tree, please drop us a note to help improve the system]
>> url:
>> config: i386-randconfig-a0-02131010 (attached as .config)
>> compiler: gcc-6 (Debian 6.2.0-3) 6.2.0 20160901
>Though I dont have the same compiler, I am unable to reproduce this
>build failure exactly. The build fails but for a different symbol.

I think previous "undefined reference to `mt_page_copy'" error is due to kbuild
bot didn't set CONFIG_MIGRATION (see attached config in original mail) since it
is a randconfig test.


>I have the following gcc version but does it really make a
>difference with respect to finding the symbol etc ?
>gcc (Ubuntu 4.9.2-10ubuntu13) 4.9.2
>mm/memory.c: In function âcopy_pmd_rangeâ:
>mm/memory.c:1002:3: error: implicit declaration of function
>âpmd_relatedâ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
> if (pmd_related(*src_pmd)) {
> ^
>cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
>scripts/ recipe for target 'mm/memory.o' failed
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