Re: [v6 0/8] staging: fsl-mc: add dpio driver

From: Stuart Yoder
Date: Mon Mar 13 2017 - 03:35:11 EST

> This patch series adds the driver for the DPIO object which is a step
> to addressing the final item in the staging TODO list-- adding a
> functional driver on top of the bus driver. The DPIO driver is a
> dependency for other functional drivers such as Ethernet.
> An overview of the DPIO object and driver components are in patch 1.
> Patches 2-6 are internal components of the DPIO driver-- bit twiddling
> of hardware registers, DPAA2 data structures, and the queuing APIs
> exposed to other drivers.
> Patch 7 adds the fsl-mc driver for the DPIO object. It provides the
> probe/remove functions, demonstrating a working example of how fsl-mc
> drivers initialize, interact with the management complex hardware, map
> their mappable MMIO regions, initialize interrupts, register an ISR,
> etc. All other DPAA2 drivers will follow a similar initialization
> pattern.
> version 6 changes
> -fixed error in size of SG_SHORT_LEN_MASK
> -removed improper padding in DPIO command responses
> -fixed some minor checkpatch warnings

Roy, when you re-spin this series please add information below the "---"
on each patch that changed identifying what changed in the patch. For
example, be specific about which patches were affected by checkpatch and
what fixes you made. Right now I can't tell.
For an example, of what I'm talking about look at previous versions of
this patch series.