Re: [v3 3/5] coresight: add support for debug module

From: Leo Yan
Date: Mon Mar 13 2017 - 04:12:39 EST

Hi Suzuki,

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 02:29:53PM +0000, Suzuki K Poulose wrote:


> >>So we cannot really rely on the values in EDVIDSR which we use to make further decisions. So I
> >>am wondering if this is really guranteed to be useful.
> >
> >So this is caused by Software lock is locked?
> >
> >Section H8.4.1:
> >
> >"Reads and writes have no side-effects. A side-effect is where a
> >direct read or a direct write of a register creates
> >an indirect write of the same or another register. When the Software
> >Lock is locked, the indirect write does
> >not occur."
> Yes, thats correct, further :
> Section H9.2.32: EDPCSR
> "For a read of EDPCSRlo from the memory-mapped interface, if EDLSR.SLK == 1, meaning
> the Software Lock is locked, then the access has no side-effects. That is, EDCIDSR,
> EDVIDSR, and EDPCSRhi are unchanged."
> And since we do a CS_UNLOCK, that should be fine. Please ignore my comment.

Thanks a lot for confirmation.


> >>>+
> >>>+ put_online_cpus();
> >>>+
> >>>+ if (!debug_count++)
> >>>+ atomic_notifier_chain_register(&panic_notifier_list,
> >>>+ &debug_notifier);
> >>>+
> >>
> >>>+ sprintf(buf, (char *)id->data, drvdata->cpu);
> >>>+ dev_info(dev, "%s initialized\n", buf);
> >>
> >>This could simply be :
> >> dev_info(dev, "Coresight debug-CPU%d initialized\n", drvdata->cpu);
> >>
> >>and get rid of the static string and the buffer, see below.
> Also we need pm_runtime_put() here to balance the pm_runtime_get_ from AMBA
> device probe. More on that below.


> Btw, I don't see any PM calls to make sure the power domain (at least the debug domain)
> is up, which could cause problems with accesses to some of these registers (leave alone the
> ones in CPU power domain), especially the EDPRSR. We could also do pm_runtime_get on the
> CPU's power domain, if the CPU is online, before we access the pcsr.

I will add pm_runtime_get/pm_runtime_put for apb clock.

But for CPU power domain, AFAIK this part is managed by PSCI but is not
controlled by pm_runtime_{put|get} pairs. So at beginning, we suggest
to use "nohlt" to ensure CPU power domain is enabled.

Please let me know if I miss some thing for this?

Leo Yan