Re: [PATCH v7 2/2] backlight arcxcnn add support for ArcticSand devices

From: Daniel Thompson
Date: Tue Mar 14 2017 - 06:16:40 EST

On 13/03/17 18:22, Olimpiu Dejeu wrote:
backlight: Add support for Arctic Sand LED backlight driver chips
This driver provides support for the Arctic Sand arc2c0608 chip,
and provides a framework to support future devices.
Signed-off-by: Olimpiu Dejeu <olimpiu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Please could you also submit a patch to add arc to
./Documentation/devicetree/bindings/vendor-prefixes.txt. should have been asking you to do since v1 but only if you test the patch series against a clean kernel (tools such as aiaiai can help with this).

However, once that is attended to:

Reviewed-by: Daniel Thompson <daniel.thompson@xxxxxxxxxx>