Re: [PATCH 02/11] blk: make the bioset rescue_workqueue optional.

From: NeilBrown
Date: Mon May 01 2017 - 23:34:41 EST

On Mon, May 01 2017, Jens Axboe wrote:

> On 04/30/2017 11:00 PM, NeilBrown wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 24 2017, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 11:51:01AM +1000, NeilBrown wrote:
>>>> I was following the existing practice exemplified by
>>>> bioset_create_nobvec().
>>> Which is pretty ugly to start with..
>> That is a matter of personal taste.
>> As such, it is up to the maintainer to change it if they want it
>> changed.
>>>> By not changing the signature of the function, I can avoid touching
>>>> quite a few places where it is called.
>>> There are 13 callers of bioset_create and one caller of
>>> bioset_create_nobvec, and your series touches many of those.
>>> So just adding a flags argument to bioset_create and passing
>>> BIOSET_NEED_BVECS and BIOSET_NEED_RESUER flags to it doesn't seem
>>> to much of an effort, and it's going to create a much nicer and easier
>>> to extend interface.
>> If someone else submitted a patch to discard bioset_create_nobvec in
>> favour of BIOSET_NEED_BVECS and got it accepted, then I would rebase my
>> series on that. As it is, I'm basing my patches on the style currently
>> present in the tree.
>> Of course, if Jens says he'll only take my patches if I change to style
>> to match your preference, I'll do that.
> I generally tend to prefer tree wide cleanups to improve our APIs, even
> if it does cause an extra bit of pain. Would you mind doing that as a
> prep patch?

OK, will do.

I have rebased and fixed up a couple of issues. Will repost shortly.


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