Re: [PATCH 09/13] lightnvm/pblk-read: use bio_clone_fast()

From: Javier GonzÃlez
Date: Wed May 03 2017 - 02:43:17 EST

> On 2 May 2017, at 23.51, NeilBrown <neilb@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Neil,
>> Looks good. Thanks for fixing this. I did not know that bio_clone_bioset
>> was not supposed to be used on drivers.
> Prior to my patchset, using bio_clone_bioset() wasn't wrong in drivers,
> though it was a waste when bio_clone_fast() would to just as well as is
> more efficient.
> After my patchset, using it can be problematic. I'm wondering what I
> should do to encourage those problems to be more visible so that if
> people to us it, they'll get a warning or something.
> Thanks,
> NeilBrown

Thanks for the explanation Neil. In my opinion a comment on top of
bio_clone_bioset() would be hellful, as Ming suggested. But a warning
might make sense too.


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