Re: [PATCH net-next 00/20] net: dsa: distribute switch events

From: David Miller
Date: Mon May 22 2017 - 10:46:04 EST

From: Vivien Didelot <vivien.didelot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 17:00:35 -0400

> DSA is by nature the support for a switch fabric, which can be composed
> of a single, or multiple interconnected Ethernet switch chips.
> The current DSA core behavior is to identify the slave port targeted by
> a request (e.g. adding a VLAN entry), and program the switch chip to
> which it belongs accordingly.
> This is problematic in a multi-chip environment, since all chips of a
> fabric must be aware of most configuration changes. Here are some
> concrete examples in a 3-chip environment:
> This patch series uses the notification chain introduced for bridging,
> to notify not only bridge, but switchdev attributes and objects events
> to all switch chips of the fabric.

Andrew or Florian, can I get a review?

I audited the slave-->port transformations and they all look