Re: [PATCH V2 0/5] phy: bcm-ns-usb3: add MDIO driver

From: Kishon Vijay Abraham I
Date: Fri Jun 16 2017 - 03:52:53 EST


On Friday 16 June 2017 12:44 PM, RafaÅ MiÅecki wrote:
> On 06/16/2017 08:36 AM, Kishon Vijay Abraham I wrote:
>> On Friday 09 June 2017 01:34 AM, RafaÅ MiÅecki wrote:
>>> From: RafaÅ MiÅecki <rafal@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>> As explained in the commit 9200c6f177638 ("Revert "phy: Add USB3 PHY support
>>> for Broadcom NSP SoC"") this module should be modified to use MDIO bus as
>>> this is how PHY is really attached.
>>> This should allow reusing this driver on NSP and any other platform with
>>> MDIO bus and this particular PHY.
>> can you run checkpatch and fix all warnings in this series?
> I always check my patches before sending. For this set the only warning I
> get is:
> WARNING: line over 80 characters
> #117: FILE: drivers/phy/broadcom/phy-bcm-ns-usb3.c:224:
> +
> usecs_to_jiffies(BCM_NS_USB3_MII_MNG_TIMEOUT_US));
> I've problem finding a nice way of fixing this.
> 1) I can't break the line between arguments as there is only 1 argument
> 2) I shouldn't use small indention as it would misalign this line
> 3) Using tmp var for BCM_NS_USB3_MII_MNG_TIMEOUT_US sounds a bit pointless
> According to the coding-style.rst having 80+ chars lines is acceptable if it
> "significantly increases readability and does not hide information". Maybe
> we can just live with this single line like that? Isn't this a bit bike
> shedding in this case?

Sure, just wanted to make sure we didn't overlook checkpatch warnings.