Re: [PATCH v6 00/11] Broadcom Stingray SOC Initial Support

From: Florian Fainelli
Date: Mon Jun 19 2017 - 20:29:03 EST

On 06/06/2017 03:30 PM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> On 06/05, Florian Fainelli wrote:
>> On 06/05/2017 09:51 AM, Florian Fainelli wrote:
>>> On 06/01/2017 11:34 PM, Anup Patel wrote:
>>>> This patchset adds initial support of Broadcom Stingray SOC
>>>> by reusing existing Broadcom iProc device drivers.
>>>> Most of the patches in this patchset are DT patches except
>>>> the Stingray clock tree support which just one patch.
>>>> This patchset is based on Linux-4.12-rc3 and it is also available
>>>> at stingray-v6 branch of
>>>> Changes since v5:
>>>> - Rebased patches for Linux-4.12-rc3
>>>> - Update DT node names to match register offset
>>>> Changes since v4:
>>>> - Reduce number of include headers in Stingray clk driver
>>>> Changes since v3:
>>>> - Rebased patches for Linux-4.12-rc1
>>>> - Updated PATCH3 to have all clocks except genpll3 to be
>>>> registered via platform driver probe
>>>> Changes since v2:
>>>> - Remove default bootargs from chosen DT node
>>>> - Remove "linux" prefix from stdout DT attribute of chosen DT node
>>>> - Remove use of GIC_CPU_MASK_xxx() for PPIs
>>>> Changes since v1:
>>>> - Rebased patches for Linux-4.12-rc1
>>>> - Removed unwanted /memreserve/ from bcm958742-base.dtsi
>>>> - Use ranges DT property to clear view of memory-layout
>>>> - Make bcm-sr.h part of clock DT bindings patch
>>>> Anup Patel (3):
>>>> dt-bindings: bcm: Add Broadcom Stingray bindings document
>>>> arm64: dts: Initial DTS files for Broadcom Stingray SOC
>>>> arm64: dts: Add PL022, PL330 and SP805 DT nodes for Stingray
>>>> Oza Pawandeep (1):
>>>> arm64: dts: Add I2C DT nodes for Stingray SoC
>>>> Pramod Kumar (3):
>>>> arm64: dts: Add NAND DT nodes for Stingray SOC
>>>> arm64: dts: Add pinctrl DT nodes for Stingray SOC
>>>> arm64: dts: Add GPIO DT nodes for Stingray SOC
>>>> Sandeep Tripathy (3):
>>>> dt-bindings: clk: Extend binding doc for Stingray SOC
>>>> clk: bcm: Add clocks for Stingray SOC
>>>> arm64: dts: Add clock DT nodes for Stingray SOC
>>>> Srinath Mannam (1):
>>>> arm64: dts: Add PWM and SDHCI DT nodes for Stingray SOC
>>> Applied patches 1, 4-11 to devicetree-arm64/next, thanks!
>> Also took patch 2, to make sure everything builds properly, Stephen, let
>> me know if you want me to take patch #3 as well.
> Usually clk tree takes includes and hosts that in a stable branch
> for arm-soc maintainers to take. It seems that now arm-soc
> maintainers are asking that dts files use plain numbers and then
> switch to defines later after -rc1.
> Should I go apply patch 2 myself so I can apply patch 3 to the
> clk tree? Personally, I think this is fine because git doesn't
> care about duplicate commits anyway and this is just #defines
> we're talking about. Alternatively, you can host patch 2 in a
> stable branch on v4.12-rc1 that I can pull into clk tree and then
> apply patch 3 on top of and merge up into clk-next. Or you can
> send me a PR for this clk driver and I can merge it into clk-next
> where patch 2 is the parent of the clk driver change.

Yes, please apply patch 2 and 3 in your tree, we should be fine. You
would also find patch 2 in a stable branch: