Re: [PATCH NET] net/hns:bugfix of ethtool -t phy self_test

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Tue Jun 20 2017 - 09:29:04 EST

> >> The question really is, why is not this properly integrated into the PHY
> >> driver and PHYLIB such that the only thing the Ethernet MAC driver has
> >> to call is a function of the PHY driver putting it in self-test?
> >
> > This whole driver pokes various PHY registers, rather than use
> > phylib. And it does so without taking the PHY lock.
> I will consider using phylib as much as possible, thanks.
> It also assumes it
> > is a Marvell PHY and i don't see anywhere it actually verifies this.
> When it said Marvell Phy , I meant Marvell Phy with fibre support.
> I will send anther patch to only setting bit in Fiber Control when
> it is a Marvell Phy with fibre support.

There is a lot more broken than just that.

You really should remove all code which is accessing the PHY, and add
support to phylib and the drivers for what you need.