[PATCH v10] drm/i915/gvt: Dma-buf support for GVT-g

From: Tina Zhang
Date: Wed Jul 05 2017 - 18:35:10 EST

1) remove dma-buf management
3) track the dma-buf create and release in kernel mode

1) refine the dma-buf ioctl definition
2) add a lock to protect the dmabuf list
3) move drm format change to a separate patch
4) codes cleanup

1) refine framebuffer decoder code
2) fix a bug in decoding primary plane

1) release dma-buf related allocations in dma-buf's associated release
2) refine ioctl interface for querying plane info or create dma-buf
3) refine framebuffer decoder code
4) the patch series is based on 4.12.0-rc1

1) align the dma-buf life cycle with the vfio device.
2) add the dma-buf releated operations in a separate patch.
3) i915 releated changes.

1) fix bug while checking whether the gem obj is gvt's dma-buf when user
change caching mode or domains. Add a helper function to do it.
2) add definition for the query plane and create dma-buf.

1) fix bug while checking whether the gem obj is gvt's dma-buf when set
caching mode or doamins.

1) add a field gvt_plane_info in the drm_i915_gem_obj structure to save
the decoded plane information to avoid look up while need the plane info.
2) declare a new flag I915_GEM_OBJECT_IS_GVT_DMABUF in drm_i915_gem_object
to represent the gem obj for gvt's dma-buf. The tiling mode, caching mode
and domains can not be changed for this kind of gem object.
3) change dma-buf related information to be more generic. So other vendor
can use the same interface.

1) create a management fd for dma-buf operations.
2) alloc gem object's backing storage in gem obj's get_pages() callback.

This patch set adds the dma-buf support for intel GVT-g.
dma-buf is a uniform mechanism to share DMA buffers across different
devices and sub-systems.
dma-buf for intel GVT-g is mainly used to share the vgpu's framebuffer
to other users or sub-systems so they can use the dma-buf to show the
desktop of a vm which uses intel vgpu.

The main idea is we create a gem object and set vgpu's framebuffer as
the backing storage of this gem object. And associate this gem obj
to a dma-buf object then export this dma-buf at the meantime
generate a file descriptor for this dma-buf. Finally deliver this file
descriptor to user space. And user can use this dma-buf fd to do render
or other operations.
User need to create a fd(for intel GVT-g dma-buf support it is a:dma-buf
management fd) then user can use this fd to query the plane information
or create a dma-buf. The life cycle of this fd is managed by GVT-g user
do not need to care about that.

We have an example program on how to use the dma-buf. You can download
the program to have a try. Good luck :)
git repo: https://github.com/01org/igvtg-qemu branch:kvmgt_dmabuf_example

Tina Zhang (1):
vfio: ABI for mdev display dma-buf operation

include/uapi/linux/vfio.h | 30 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 30 insertions(+)