hotspot v1.0.0 available - a GUI for Linux perf

From: Milian Wolff
Date: Thu Jul 06 2017 - 07:43:08 EST

Hey all,

I have the pleasure to finally announce the availability of hotspot v1.0.0.
Hotspot is a GUI for Linux perf. Right now, it's a drop-in replacement for
(parts of) `perf report`. It aims to be easier to use, but comes with powerful
features to analyze the profiler data:

- summary view
- bottom-up, top-down and caller/callee aggregations
- tooltips, searching, sorting etc. as expected from an interactive GUI
- integrated flamegraph (probably the most important feature)
- ability to show multiple event metrics side-by-side

The full release announcement contains pretty screenshots:

You can download the release tarball from GitHub:

Thanks, hope you like it. If so, please consider contributing:

Bug Reports:

PS: If you dislike GUIs and want to see me instead improve `perf report`
itself, don't worry! I've done that in the past and will continue doing so in
the future ;-)

PPS: If you wonder why I'm developing this out-of-tree: I simply believe that
this is the easiest approach for me to get things done. Trying to refactor the
perf internals to make it work for me use-case is a daunting task.

PPPS: If you wonder what that means for `perf report --gtk`, then I can't tell
you. It never worked for me and I believe it's rather unmaintained and
unfunctional anyways. I'm a C++/Qt/KDE guy, so I used the technologies I'm
familiar with.

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