Re: [PATCH v3 net-next 00/12] bpf: rewrite value tracking in verifier

From: Edward Cree
Date: Fri Jul 07 2017 - 08:50:58 EST

On 07/07/17 10:14, Daniel Borkmann wrote:
> But this means the bpf_lxc_* cases increase quite significantly,
> arguably one of them is pretty close already, but the other one not
> so much, meaning while 142k would shoot over the 128k target quite a
> bit, the 95k is quite close to the point that it wouldn't take much,
> say, few different optimizations from compiler, to hit the limit as
> well eventually, something like 156k for the time being would seem a
> more adequate raise perhaps that needs to be evaluated carefully
> given the situation.
Note that the numbers in my table are the _sum_ of all the progs in the
object file, not the #insns for a single program. (Hence the awk
invocation in my pipeline.) For instance in bpf_lxc_opt_-DUNKNOWN.o
on net-next there were (iirc) a couple of 30k progs and then some
smaller ones, not a single 93k prog.