Re: [PATCH v3] crypto: ixp4xx - Fix error handling path in 'aead_perform()'

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Aug 02 2017 - 06:59:18 EST

On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 10:40 AM, Herbert Xu <herbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 09:37:10AM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> Oops, looks like I introduced the bug. Anyway, such is the danger
> of fixing compiler warnings in rarely used code.
> For some reason your patch is corrupted in patchwork. Also we don't
> need to check crypt->dst as free_buf_chain is a no-op if we didn't do
> the allocation at all. So how about this patch?

Looks good to me.

> ---8<---
> In commit 0f987e25cb8a, the source processing has been moved in front of
> the destination processing, but the error handling path has not been
> modified accordingly.
> Free resources in the correct order to avoid some leaks.
> Fixes: 0f987e25cb8a ("crypto: ixp4xx - Fix false lastlen uninitialised warning")
> Reported-by: Christophe JAILLET <christophe.jaillet@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Reviewed-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd@xxxxxxxx>