Re: block/ps3vram: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in ps3vram_cache_init()

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Mon Aug 07 2017 - 15:05:19 EST

>>> I didn't consider one would be triggered by the kzalloc failure.
>> Do you reconsider any special system settings for further
>> software evolution then?
> Sorry, I don't quite understand your question.

Do you try to configure the Linux error reporting to any special needs?

> I think your original patch is OK,

How does this feedback fit to the initial response âNot Applicableâ?

> and I would appreciate if you added a check for failure of ps3vram_cache_init()
> in ps3vram_probe().

I unsure if this adjustment will need more software updates.

> If you decide not to add that check I'll create a patch for it later.

I am curious on who will pick this update candidate up as the next improvement.
Have you got any preferences for the exception handling there?