(*ABS*+0xbb29b267): multiple definition of `__crc___gcov_merge_add'

From: kbuild test robot
Date: Sun Sep 17 2017 - 14:53:44 EST

tree: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git master
head: 0666f560b71b899cd11a7caf39fd45129e9030fd
commit: d3488649dcd23b7a6e63895274ec69f80e92d4ed um: Fix CONFIG_GCOV for modules.
date: 4 days ago
config: um-allyesconfig (attached as .config)
compiler: gcc-6 (Debian 6.2.0-3) 6.2.0 20160901
git checkout d3488649dcd23b7a6e63895274ec69f80e92d4ed
# save the attached .config to linux build tree
make ARCH=um

All errors (new ones prefixed by >>):

kernel/gcov/base.o: In function `__crc___gcov_merge_add':
>> (*ABS*+0xbb29b267): multiple definition of `__crc___gcov_merge_add'
kernel/gcov/base.o: In function `__crc___gcov_init':
>> (*ABS*+0xdceb3072): multiple definition of `__crc___gcov_init'

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