[PATCH v3 0/7] clocksource: sh_cmt: Update driver for DT binding rework

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Mon Sep 18 2017 - 09:48:26 EST

Hi Daniel, Thomas, Rob, Mark, Magnus,

This patch series updates the sh_cmt clocksource driver for the recent DT
binding rework that was merged in v4.14-rc1.

This series is an evolutionary improvement of Magnus Damm's series "[PATCH
v2 00/11] clocksource: sh_cmt: DT binding rework V2".
It complements Magnus' series "[PATCH v3 00/06] clocksource: sh_cmt: DT
binding rework V3" and "[PATCH v4 00/06] clocksource: sh_cmt: DT binding
rework V4", which included DT binding updates only.

- Patch 1 fixes wrong vendor/soc ordering in the SoC-specific compatible
values (This issue was raised during review before, but was not
addressed in later iterations of the DT binding rework. Oh well,
things like that happen when there's more than 2 years between initial
submission and acceptance...),
- Patches 2 to 6 implement the updated DT bindings, as already accepted
upstream, and amended in patch 1.
- Patch 7 is a small cleanup.

Changes compared to v2:
- Take over from Magnus,
- Drop DT binding updates that were revised and accepted upstream,
- Fix SoC-specific compatible values,
- Change channels_mask from "unsigned long" to "unsigned int,
- Remove support for "renesas,cmt-32*",
- Mark "renesas,cmt-48-gen2" deprecated,
- Remove unused "renesas,channels-mask" handling,
- Use of_device_get_match_data() helper.


Geert Uytterhoeven (5):
dt-bindings: timer: renesas,cmt: Fix SoC-specific compatible values
clocksource: sh_cmt: Remove support for "renesas,cmt-32*"
clocksource: sh_cmt: Mark "renesas,cmt-48-gen2" deprecated
clocksource: sh_cmt: Remove unused "renesas,channels-mask" handling
clocksource: sh_cmt: Use of_device_get_match_data() helper

Magnus Damm (2):
clocksource: sh_cmt: Use 0x3f mask for SH_CMT_48BIT case
clocksource: sh_cmt: Support separate R-Car Gen2 CMT0/1

.../devicetree/bindings/timer/renesas,cmt.txt | 24 +++----
drivers/clocksource/sh_cmt.c | 76 ++++++++++------------
2 files changed, 45 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)




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