Re: [PATCH] powerpc: make irq_chip const, __initdata and __initconst

From: Julia Lawall
Date: Wed Sep 20 2017 - 02:34:06 EST

On Wed, 20 Sep 2017, Michael Ellerman wrote:

> Bhumika Goyal <bhumirks@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Make ehv_pic_irq_chip, mpic_ipi_chip and mpic_tm_chip const as they are
> > used only as a copy operation. This usage is during init, so make them
> > __initconst too.
> > Make mpic_ipi_chip __initdata as it is only modified during the init
> > phase and there is no reference of it anywhere after init.
> The change log doesn't seem to match the code.
> It's mpic_tm_chip which you marked __initdata, and that looks wrong, as
> we keep a pointer to it here:
> mpic->hc_tm = mpic_tm_chip;

This looks like a memory copy.